How does it feel to know that there are hundreds of people around the world who love you and have never met you?

It’s weird and I don’t understand why.

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now? Why aren’t you with the person you were first in love with or almost in love?

Yes. I wish I was on the cruise with Chuck drinking and listening to good music instead of sitting at work.

And he turned into an asshole. Or I just finally realized he was turning into a jerk. He was fine to begin with honestly. But then it turned bad.

What's you're favorite thing about tumblr user lilhabenero?

She really likes cheese. Like I would really want to watch movies with her and just eat every kind of cheese. I think she is wonderful and she has a really cute body too along with her face and everything else.

We don’t talk a lot but that’s okay. I could definitely use more of her in my life.

You guys suck at anon questions

I love putting my feet up because my legs hurt to only have my lower back go numb. It’s the best, really.


If you send creepy asks or write unnecessary comments on reblogs please stop, go to settings, and delete your blog.

I don’t even want to play animal crossing anymore since I made a new character because I’m overwhelmed by what is have to do and making my town pretty
Like what the fuck is wrong with me. It’s a virtual fucking town with animals. It’s the one thing that usually des tresses me. I can’t even do that right.


you know when you see isabelle do this and your stomach falls out your ass


you know when you see isabelle do this and your stomach falls out your ass

how many babies would you punch if animal crossing was banned?



Lol can’t stop me from playing I already have it.

You mean it already has you